A Drop Of Water

Just the other day I had a thought.


It was inspired by reflecting on “truth”.
Some of you know that this is one of my favourite subjects. I cannot be so arrogant to think that I know the truth about life and other things. All I know is what I feel to be the truth. When you think about, whatever, you’ll discover that there are so many sides to everything. The different views we have on life’s subjects are interesting to combine and to discuss. Discussions with respect to one another’s views lead to a so much better understanding of whatever it is you are sharing .. in fact to a greater truth.

A Drop Of Water

What intrigued me today was a drop of water. Now, think about it. One drop is one drop with all of its information. If it touches another one, they grow and share and in the end they become a stream, a river, a sea, an ocean. The togetherness of all this information triggered me into assuming, that if we are able to share, our knowledge grows. Does the stream ever dry up? It probably does .. but remember the stillness that then comes and try to embrace it as “reflection time”.
Be aware, though, that at any moment a new drop may appear.

With love,
Juliet Joan