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My name is Juliet Joan Moll. In 2010 I decided to start blogging in Dutch and English.I have no idea when you'll read this but I hope to inspire you to follow your heart. The contents of my blogs will be about my experiences and views on different subjects and you'll also find texts by other inspirers. I invite you to react, but please keep it clean. I can be invited for lectures on Spiritual subjects. Topics: inspired Life, Inspiration and Spirituality, Impressions in Daily Life

What to do when life/love takes over

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Yesterday morning after doing some shopping, intending to work on my to do list, something interesting happened.
Top priority was to work with my writing and creativity and I had it all worked out!


Remember my previous post? “What to do when you are stuck in possibilities?”  It said writing and working with my creativity would come first.

Well .. I walked to my practice, put on my computer, looked at the program on the website of the Spiritualist National Union International, a worldwide organization that I am a member of and decided to join one of the on line classes running at that time. It was a class on the Philosophy of Spiritualism. Gone were my intentions of writing and being creative as planned at that time!

Just some short background information

I have studied the Religion and Philosophy of Spiritualism for about 9 years now and at one point decided to become a Spiritualist.
Not an easy decision for a non-religious person but on the other hand it felt as a natural step. The feeling of coming home, of understanding life .. my life, a bit better, getting things into perspective was quite .. how can I put it, warm, .. that is what did it.

I lost it a little bit I guess, these last couple of months, probably due to an overdose of study taken on board (so much for planning and overestimating myself!!) and decided to turn my focal point to things more plain to become more balanced, because that is what I felt I needed.

Under the wings of Spirit again

The feelings of love and warmth, when entering the class yesterday were a bit overwhelming.
There it was!! All the love and light was still there and even more. How welcomed can a person feel.That sensation of being in the right place, at the right moment in time, the shift of energy when you realize that everything, really everything, even doubts need their place in the universe of one’s existence, only to realize you are on the right track!

The sensation

Have you ever realized that the word sensation enfolds your physical senses: seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing and tasting and that there is the sixth one as well? Let us call it perception for now, a sensation very difficult to describe in one word. That is what happened to me yesterday and that is who I am. Living in togetherness with the Spirit world, always. Giving in to the gentle push of letting go of set intentions because something stronger comes first.


Going back to the starting point, making a planning of things I want to do, showed me, that following “impulses” or being “intuitive” does not take me away from my planning. In fact I had a boost of energy and do-power afterwards, which shows that a bit of flexibility can be very rewarding.

I feel very lucky and strong and do wish you the same.

With love,
Juliet Joan

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