Welcome to the website of Juliet Moll, therapist and medium (Den Hoorn near Delft, The Netherlands).

It is wonderful that you have discovered my website and I hope you have the time to read through it.
After all, it means, that you have an interest in how a therapist with mediamistic qualities does. For more information on how I work please have a look at my other website.

Most important starting point in my practice is that everyone have to go their own way and have their own truth, in short .. they are allowed to be themselves.
It would be a pleasure for me to guide you on your way.

In 2008 I went to the Arthur Findlay College in England for the first time to investigate and develop my mediamistic qualities.

Because it felt like a wonderful connection to the professional work I was doing I decided to investigate the difference between magnetic healing, which is part of my education and Spiritual healing as is taught in England. This investigation brought with it an intensifying of my treatments.

The next step was mediumship. This was a natural development. Insecurity in that field led to fortitude.
Because it is very important for me to understand what I am doing it is only logical for me to keep on studying.

In 2012 I received the Basic Diploma of the Spiritualist National Union (SNU), the organization that governs the Arthur Findlay College. This diploma indicates a scientific level of thinking and working within the framework of the SNU.
In August 2014 I received the CSNUr, which means that I am a certificate holder of the above mentioned SNU in the field of private readings.
In September 2015 I received the CSNUi s, a certificate in the field of Public Speaking.