Getting “lost” in possibilities

Busy times

The last couple of months have been very intense, very busy.
It happens sometimes, that everything comes together in one big busy heap of activities .. activities that cannot be postponed.
Sounds familiar? Well in fact it is the story of my life.

This period felt extra stressful because there was the preparation for examinations (yes .. right .. not one but three) and it became a burden that made me wonder why I keep on doing this.


Well, I managed, I survived and at the moment there is a burst of energy because two of the activities have successfully been rounded off!
One exam has been successful and the other two .. preparations finished.

It is time for something new and totally different and in spite of the title of this post I know, that the answer to the “lost” part is focussing. I started to play bridge. Imagine that. Totally different from what has kept me busy these past 20+ years and to tell you the truth I LOVE IT!!


I just know playing bridge has captured me because it will help to create a better balance in my life. A balance between Spirituality and all the rest and my brains need challenges.

With love,
Juliet Joan