Ideas and Form

For me writing a blogpost is a way to put thoughts and ideas into form.


Buzz buzz buzz

The whole world is buzzing with information and it seems that filtering all that, sees to it that an imaginary sieve starts to make a selection. The crumbs of information, images, murmur, come and go and the bigger (read: most important or intriguing for me) remain behind and simply need a form. Thus the writing.

It seems that I have what is called a creative mind. This is also a busy, buzzing mind.
It is unbelievable how in almost every situation different approaches are possible .. all of them leading towards a possible solution, to understanding, to support if someone else is involved.


Here comes the biggest and most interesting challenge.

If a certain situation is not really of your concern should you even pick it up or should you make the specific hole of your sieve a bit bigger so that it falls through?

The art of doing nothing

Years ago I received a present. It was a book called “The art of doing nothing”.
It was given to me by a loved one, someone who was worried about me, worried about the vastness of information that “took hold” of me and kept me awake, leading to sleepless night. It touched me, of course, but at the same time I thought “this doesn’t work for me”. I was not ready for it. It was about taking time for this and taking time for that, all relaxing, mind you. Can you imagine that it gave me even more stress .. I put it aside.


Becoming a therapist with very much schooling, amongst others interview techniques has been one of the most important decisions in my life.
The interview techniques have given me so much insight in the way the mind works, although it remains a riddle.

The subconscious mind

“Discovering” the subconscious mind through meditation, made me realize fully the connectedness with “something” much bigger, a vastness so to say, that I finally became prepared to give up investigating certain fields, certain “crumbs” that remained in the sieve.
The only thing I could do with them was “feel” if they rang true to my soul, “true” enough to take on board.
That attitude has given me peace and joy.

The end

Is this really the end of the story?

Nooo, it is not. What I have described to you is an ongoing process. It is called LIFE.


With love,
Juliet Joan