Matters of the Heart – 2 – Forgiveness

The heart chakra is about love. Love of self and love of others. The colours that resonate with it best are pink and green. The element is air. Think of earth and all her abundance. Feel the beating of your heart in tune with your breath .. Feel the expansion of your lungs .. You may BREATHE. 

What better illustration to “be true to yourself” than the following inspiring talk by Ellen Degeneres


What is forgiveness, anyway? So much to write about this subject, but I’ll have to restrict myself .. don’t want to write a book right now. Is it saying “I am not angry or upset” with a person or about an occurrence?

“Why would it be necessary to forgive!!”

Holding a Grudge

It is a personal experience, that holding a grudge, being angry or upset, drains, takes away energy, leaving me frustrated, depressed, even angry sometimes. Is there anyone benefiting from that situation? 

Nooo, well not me.

Heal yourself by getting to know yourself

Working with the chakras helped me to discover how it is, that with simple but dedicated practices it is possible to overcome all those draining energies and become stronger, more centered (yes!! of course .. we are talking about the heart, aren’t we .. the centre of it all). 

More importantly, the awareness that I am my own Master, responsible for my own well-being was a blessing. Growing up we are influenced by numerous people and situations and not always in a positive way, not always in a manner that makes us feel good or uplifted. Finding out what our heart and soul need to be true to our Self is in fact a lifelong journey.

Forgive yourself first

If the energy of the heart chakra is a bit low, the feeling of love is insufficient. We may experience feelings of jealousy and bitterness. This may cause feelings of loneliness and emotional withdrawal.

Repairing the heart chakra starts with Self-love, with loving and forgiving. Forgiveness frees the heart from the past so it can move forward into the present and the future. When we let go of old hurts, we make room for more love to be shared.

“To love is the great amulet that makes the world a garden” Robert Louis Stevenson.

In my practice I have found, that many people have been hurt in their lives and in the process have shut down this beautiful centre. When you are aware of this, the time has probably come to reclaim all the aspects necessary to feel love and love again. 

This is easier said than done, I know that.

It will be a process of un-learning matters, that may be embedded deeply into your system. 


Exercises that may be helpful to re-awaken this centre (and be mindful not to do any of these things if they make you feel unsafe or under pressure). Observe the feeling inside of you afterwards.

  • Pay attention to your breath, to the clouds, to smells on a daily basis..
  • Give a little something to a homeless person
  • Smile at someone unknown, who looks sad
  • Give to charity
  • Make that phone-call you promised yourself to do a long time ago

Some other things of your own may come up and of course there are many many more.

An interesting one:

Stand in front of a mirror, stretch out your hands and say “I love you”. Can you do that and can you do it with someone else present? Does it feel truthful?

This is a road of awakening your Spirituality and becoming and loving your true self.


(The next keyword is Reflecting)

With love,

Juliet Joan