Matters of the Heart – 3 – Reflecting (Can you love me for who I am)?

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The heart chakra is about love. Love of self and love of others. The colours that resonate with it best are pink and green. The element is air. Think of earth and all her abundance. Feel the beating of your heart in tune with your breath .. Feel the expansion of your lungs .. You may BREATHE. 



The heart chakra is all about reflective awareness.

Its character, the job it is meant to fulfil is of a contemplative character. It is about you and your soul’s journey. It is about experiencing matters in their conjunction with other things.

This is the place inside of us where we are most connected to our Self. 

Reflection of the Self

It is not easy to write about reflection, because it has everything to do with the Self. It has everything to say about our journey through life. It is like a nakedness, where we encounter all the qualities we have, the ones we like and the ones we do not. In accepting this attribute of the heart we enter into a journey to be truthful and know, that there is work to be done.


As a child we accept, that we are who our parents, teachers, outsiders tell us we are.

It is in growing physically, mentally and emotionally that we start to wonder about the person, the soul, we really are.

Do you remember your teenage years and the battle (sometimes only below the surface) between the values  you have been taught to accept as true and your resistance against them? 

That is when the journey starts, the journey of reflection, of awareness. 

How do I do that?

First of all it is very important to find out, to realize what makes your heart sing. What is it, that makes you feel good? 

  • Is it the realization, that you are okay, the way you are?
  • Have you already tried to look in the mirror at your own reflection and been able to say “I love you”?
  • Have you been out in nature and observed the relaxation and the joy it caused?
  • Have you already discovered your talent for making music, painting, writing, reading poetry or enjoying a good book, cooking?
  • Have you ever experienced the feeling of being in sync? That feeling of being at the right place, the right time, in the right company (namely you)?

Secondly .. go for it!!

Why should I do that?

Of course it is your own responsibility to take your rightful place in the world, but please remember, that this is about you! The person you are meant to be! You are on your soul’s journey and the time to do it is NOW.

The next keyword is .. love.

With love,

Juliet Joan