Matters of the Heart – 4 – Love

The heart chakra is about love. Love of self and love of others. The colours that resonate with it best are pink and green. The element is air. Think of earth and all her abundance. Feel the beating of your heart in tune with your breath .. Feel the expansion of your lungs .. You may BREATHE.

Something inside so strong!!

What is love anyway?  

Many many definitions have been made, and is there in fact one that resonates with you totally and completely?

So often I have had the feeling, that I know!! That I can explain it to you and interestingly enough words fail to express myself .. eyes glaze over and I realize that:

a. love is an emotion and a very personal one

b. my perception will always be a bit different from anyone else’s and vice versa.

c. it is no problem at all.

d. through the years philosophers have tried to define love and found it impossible to catch it all.

Humble conclusion

If we dare acknowledge to our Self that we are an individual and that that is okay and that we are entitled to our own emotions, feelings and ideas and that everyone in their own right is a bit different and that is how it should be .. the world would maybe, just maybe, be a place with less cruelty and more lightness.


I do realize, that I live in a part of the world, fortunately, where I can say what I feel and think in contrast to many others who cannot. 

I also realize, that with the aid of our modern media we can bring forward hope!! 

Yes! By expressing ourselves and showing that we are making good use of the rights our forefathers have fought for and trust and let go of fear, we can do our part.

Never for a nano second think that that is not enough or not worthy. 

Love yourself and discover the free soul, that you are supposed to be.

The next keyword is balance,

With love,

Juliet Joan