Matters of the Heart – part 5 – Balance

The heart chakra is about love. Love of self and love of others. The colours that resonate with it best are pink and green. The element is air. Think of earth and all her abundance. Feel the beating of your heart in tune with your breath .. Feel the expansion of your lungs .. You may BREATHE.


It has taken some time to continue with posts about the heart chakra. Opening up to the heart is opening up to the soul and that leads to contemplation, awareness, getting some issues out of the way, meeting the Self in all its beauty but also some characteristics that need to be dealt with. Moreover life has been very busy and writing this kind of post is not a one minute thing.

Opening up the heart is opening up to love but also to vulnerability. To discover how THAT can be acknowledged as an enormous power and not as a weakness is truly an eye opener. 

How do I use balance?

The word balance has several meanings. In this post it is about “to be or become equal or even” in a psychological and personal way.

For me one of the most important things in life is to find the right balance between body and soul. 

During the past 14 months I started changing my eating habits. They are now low on carbohydrates and sugar and that suits me fine. I have discovered, though, that it is difficult for me not to take pastries when offered. But .. I do not keep anything in stock, which helps a lot. Although it was not my goal to lose weight I did. Without any effort I lost 6 kilograms and that is an extra bonus, because not only do I feel better healthwise, that natural loss of weight has given me an extra glow (or I like to think that it does). I have much more energy and feel more vital which benefits my outlook on life. This diet thing just happened. One day I simply decided that all that bread and all that rice I consumed were “out”. That was the beginning of the change. I have added much more vegetables and fruit and nuts to my meals and that was that!!

Oh .. I also bought an activity tracker and I use it.

Working towards balance and the value we place on it

We can work towards balance within our own heart chakra. There are loads of practices to be found to try and get there. I have selected five tips  to meditate to help you on your way. 

The heart chakra is the fourth of the seven main chakras and plays a central role in passing through life’s energy to all the others. (In fact all chakras do that, a blockage in one of them results in unbalance throughout). The heart as seen as the core of who we truly are, the resting place of our soul, has my full attention right now. Learning to listen to your heart can be achieved in silence, through meditation, by becoming aware what makes you “tick” and to go for it. Nobody can dictate that to you.

We can acknowledge there is no perfection. The value we place on a balanced heart chakra is ours to determine. It is hard work if we intend to do soul searching and it is an ongoing process throughout life. 

It is not easy to write about balance and searching around I found this interesting quote which covers a lot of my thoughts and ideas.

“Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.” – Robert Fulghum

The next keyword is Compassion

With love,

Juliet Joan