Music resonates through my whole body

I do not usually listen to jazz music, but when I am in that certain mood, call it meditative, open, receptive .., energies .. nuances of it like in music and colour, touch me deeply.
During a class Music and Mediumship on November 25, 2015 I was influenced by Miles Davis’ music into writing some short lines.
Miles Davis – Kind of blue:
“Music resonates through my whole body
Expansion, expressing, filling, surrounding .. teasing
the music fills my system
I cannot hide from it
Cannot go away from it
It takes me, grabs me and shakes me
Leaving me .. wanting more .. wanting to express.”

I found my notes today, four and a half months later and I feel happy, that there is still so much to discover and enjoy.

Feeling good should always be a state of mind and amongst others it has to do with “accepting any moment as if you have chosen it yourself”. Oww .. that is a difficult one, isn’t it. In fact, what it means is that you should not accept the role of “the victim” in your life. THAT is a difficult place to be.
Be in charge, be in the moment .. in stillness .. and Be love.
With love,
Juliet Joan