New Beginnings

There were times when I felt very lonely with my observations, with my feelings … trying to translate into words to others around me a difference, a deepness they did not seem to notice.
Many, many times I felt misunderstood which made me feel sad, because there was also such a lack of interest and even forms of accusation that made me feel insecure and wonder who I was. I was accused of being too vulnerable when I dared to speak out and put myself on the spot of attention.
Fortunately there was alway so much Love and Light around me so that I could always go forward.

All those years of studying and discovering have finally made me feel the stream of upliftment,  like the turkey vulture with its weak legs finds the stream upwards to fly, fly, soar …

One of my totem animals is the turkey vulture or cathartis aura, which means golden purifier. It has a a cycle of power year-round. When they come into your life they bring the promise of a period where you will be noticed for what you truly are. They glide without effort on the winds, soaring to extraordinary heights while using little or no energy of themselves but from the earth itself – a natural order of things.

I proudly introduce my new website for Blogposts:

It is great to feel, that no matter what, we can always decide to make a new start, to know there is always room for New Beginnings.