Psychic dreams

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3 examples of psychic dreams and their significance.

Tribute to my dad. He loved to sing and in a way he taught me to dream with the  song  Morning Star

Dreams and their meaning

From the old days dreams were considered as messages from the gods or as some other supernatural message. It seems that the old Egyptians tried to interpret their dreams, because they made a book about dream symbols. Lots of books have been published about dreams and the way to interpret them.

Sigmund Freud (psychiatrist, 1865-1939) published “The meaning of dreams” in 1900, starting the modern interpretation of dreams. In his opinion dreams mirror our deepest desires rooted in our childhood. He stresses the erotic content of dreams.

His student Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) had a somewhat different view, which has been accepted more widely. He felt that dreams uncover our deepest wishes and desires and enable us to get to know and fulfill our unconscious ambitions. He also felt that, although difficult, people could learn to interpret their own dreams.

Three types of psychic dreams

There are different types of psychic dreams.

1. Precognitive dreams.

These are dreams about things going to happen in the future, with a significant meaning. From the early days visions during sleep were significant. Today lots and lots of books on how to interpret dreams are (being) published. I do not have many examples of personal precognitive dreams but I can manage one. Year ago I started getting dreams about walking towards a house, a little wooden house where I really needed to go to. I was always walking through mud and then all of a sudden the whole place, which looked kind of desolate, was filled with alligators. I was so scared of them and always woke up. Because the dream kept coming back I decided to find out about alligators. I never knew before they were beings able to live in sweet water as well as salt, I did know they can move on earth very well as they can in water and also that they are very, very old species. So, when I saw the dream as a message to become interested in Shamanism, the dream stopped and I consider myself happy to say that cayman (alligator) is my first totem animal, very powerful and a survivor.

2. Incubation or temple sleep.

This process started in Egypt and was also used in Greece and Babylonia. Someone wanting to ask the gods for help in some matter was brought to sleep in a temple after a ritual of purification or making a sacrifice to the associated god. The priest (or master of secret things) attached to that temple, interpreted the dreams. The temple sleep was also used for curing people. Sick people were sent to certain temples where the “gods of the physical body” had their sanctuary. The sick people visited these temples and fell asleep after certain rituals, where they hoped to have dreams promising them a healthy life.
An example copied from the internet – “freemasonry today” (where I found information, that even today the practice of incubation seems to exist for instance in India): Contemporary records from the Greek dream temples tell of a range of cures, some seemingly miraculous. One fellow, Heraieus, was described as not having a hair on his head, ‘but a great deal on his chin’. Tired of being the butt of humour, he slept in the temple; an inscription states: ‘And the god, anointing his head with a drug, made him grow hair.’ Another inscription says: ‘There came as a suppliant to the god a man who was so one-eyed that the other had only lids in which there was nothing. Then a vision appeared to him as he slept; the god seemed to boil some medicine and, drawing apart the lids, to pour it in. When day came, he went out seeing with both eyes.’

3. Psychic dreams in the New Testament, the Old Testament and of other nations.

In the Bible and literature of nations like the Romans and the Greek it is mentioned that certain people had dreams in which they were told of future happenings. They were said to be messages of God or the gods.

An example:

Simonides, who, having found the dead body of a man who was a stranger to him lying in the road, buried it. Having done so, he was about to embark in a ship, when the man he had buried appeared to him in a dream at night and warned him not to undertake the voyage, for that if he did he would perish by shipwreck. Therefore, he returned home again, but all the other people who sailed in the vessel were lost.

With love,
Juliet Joan