The secret garden – when you wish upon a star ..

September 30, 2016

Great feeling

Our secret garden is ready, at least the beginnings of it, the roots.
Sounds a bit peculiar? What I mean to say is, that after all the work that had to be done it is now ready to enjoy.

The design is perfect.

Like Frances Burnett mentioned the whole idea behind this garden was for it to become a magical place, a haven so to say, a magical place, a retreat .. and all those thoughts have been put in there.

It took the guys that made it a bit long to build, but in fact it didn’t matter.
Everything is done now, the plants are planted and settling and coming at peace, because it is autumn and after their change from a garden centre to my house they can now rest.


Expectation and wonder

Our secret garden is full of expectation and wonder.
New fishes in the pond and they are enjoying themselves, everything surrounding our house has changed and it feels so good and peaceful.
There is even a huge boulder in it with powerful energies.
(When you wish upon a star – Linda Ronstadt)

The garden is adjusting and so are we. It feels like a powerful and magical place already and I am a very happy human being, seeing another one of my dreams come true.

With love,
Juliet Joan