Thoughts on a reading by Silver Birch

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The following post was first published in 2011. The contents are still so dear to me. Hope you enjoy!

Last night I was invited to share some philosophy on the following words from Silver Birch.


“If you can help just one soul to find itself, if you comfort only one mourner, if you heal only one sick person, then the whole of your earthly life has been justified. How privileged you are to be aware of the tremendous power that is around and about you, that enfolds you, guards you, directs you and ensures that you will continue to unfold your latent divinity and the gifts which are your cherished possessions.”


The words struck like lightning. Being a perfectionist doesn’t make it easy to accept that what we have done in a certain situation might have just been enough. I played with that thought for a moment, only had about 5 minutes to react (practice situation) and truly, almost unbelievably, I felt peace and emotion seeping through my body, which even now, 14 hours later has its effect. I hope that when you read this, the words of Silver Birch will affect you as well, in a positive way. I find it magical how words can strike a chord. I pass them on to you with gratitude and love.

Juliet Joan