Tranquillity; Part 1

In the Netherlands the month of April has been chosen as “Month of Philosophy”. The theme the Foundation “Month of Philosophy” has chosen for this year, 2017, is Tranquillity.
I could also translate the Dutch word “Rust” as quietness, calmness, silence, quietude and a number of other words, but I like “Tranquillity”.



Tranquillity brings memories of hidden brooks, the effect of that unseen waterfall and the slaps of the sea on the shore, catching tiny colored fish for my aquarium when I still lived in the tropics, in fact I realize, my perception of Tranquillity, has a lot to do with water.
In my Philosophy class last night I brought up the subject and invited the students to bring forward their interpretation of Tranquillity.

It was beautiful. Not only did we receive a scala of descriptions but there were also images in my mind of the vastness .. the depth this word enfolds. Even the people wishing to work with another theme caught up with Tranquillity. Amazing isn’t it?

Meaning of tranquillity

Tranquillity .. a State of Being, Deep Within The Soul,
A Deep Calm, Natural State, Deep Peace, Deep Connection To God .. Our Own Spirit, Awareness, Presence, Sunset, Rocking Chair, Summer Evening, Something From Within, Timeless-ness, Being In The Moment, Having A Better Perspective On Things Happening ..
Wow .. these were descriptions shared by the students in the, yes, “tranquil” atmosphere of the class.

Natural State

Last night, the mentioning of “Natural State” hit home mostly. Asked for confirmation that I had understood it well, the student explained (and this is my interpretation and feeling as well) that it meant “a state of being that is natural to us, a state of being that is ours, a state of being that often seems to be forgotten and CAN be remembered and brought back into our lives.”


There was also a poem, a beautiful text and I have the author’s permission to share it with you.
Thank you Melanie

Tranquility Prayer

Inside each of us, dear God
Is a steadfast beating heart,
Lungs that breathe without a thought,
Thoughts that arise, visit with us,
Then depart. We choose which thoughts
Linger, to which thoughts we serve a cup of tea
Or which thoughts we shoo out the door.
Dear God, let us serve you by choosing wisely,
By uttering only words that uplift and guide
Our brothers and sisters out of darkness,
out of busyness, and back into our hearts.
When we are still and listen instead of speaking,
We find a small puddle of tranquility at our feet.
May we find the power of consideration within us
So that puddle rises into a pool of nourishing
And refreshing tranquility. Dear God, show us
Examples in nature, let us be grateful for still waters
For noticing the changing colors of the sky.
Tranquility is within us, and outside of us, it is our choice
To embrace these moments when they happen.
We bow our heads in gratitude, dear God.
May it be so.

With love,
Juliet Joan