Tranquillity; part 3

It was one of those day

Writing about tranquillity is a challenge. Every now and then it feels like it is out-of-reach. Today, for no reason at all there was this restlessness, this feeling of “why do I have this uncomfortable feeling” .. “where is my peace-of-mind”. In theory there are so many solutions, so many ways to try and get mySelf together .. and believe me .. I know quite a few.

Giving in?

Giving in to this mood is easy enough but the feeling of unhappiness that is its mate is terrible. The ultimate solution is always, was always and will always be the realization, that for some reason I was out of balance and there you go!!

Restoring the balance

Restoring the balance is a physical and an emotional thing. For me it has everything to do with aligning my chakras which leads to emotional and mental balance as well and phew … I am back on my feet again, very quiet and in tune, focussed and happy and waiting around the corner is that tranquillity.


With love,

Juliet Joan