“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” – part 1 (Quote Maya Angelou)

I dedicate this text to everyone out there in need of mental support and a gentle push

This beautiful quote from Maya Angelou in combination with the words of Silver Birch “To Inspire Ambassadors” were my focal points during the inspired address I gave on Sunday July 12, 2015 in the virtual church of the SNUi (Spiritualist National Union International: http://www.snui.org/.)


Finding a suitable subject to speak about is usually a challenge.

Restricting oneself in giving information is the next hurdle. Usually every subject you wish to present has so many angles and views, that there is the danger of getting lost in it all, so putting forward in your introduction the highlights of your talk and having clear in your mind “the end”, which is usually almost the same as the introduction .. ah well, maybe a bit modified, is very helpful.

Then .. the main body where you can fly and soar .. knowing that you will be inspired! It is a wonderful feeling, because you KNOW what you will be speaking about, you KNOW you will be inspired, very often using phrases and words that are not in your vocabulary on a regular basis, you KNOW you are reaching out towards your audience in the most natural way and I KNOW I am gently being guided by my friends in the Spirit World. It has been quite a journey for me to reach this goal, but should you be interested .. I know you can do it as well.

You’ll see

We can also call it being inspired, but I do feel there is also an external source blending with me and that there is no fear or anxiousness at all.

I feel blessed being able to experience that feeling and express some of it in my practice as well.

On this special evening, sharing Maya’s words with many people from all over the world, I just knew that I had the privilege to be the rainbow in their cloud.

To be continued

With love,

Juliet Joan