“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” – part 2 (quote Maya Angelou)

I dedicate this text to everyone out there in need of mental support and a gentle push

Be strong, be yourself

In fact, the address mentioned in part 1 “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” had everything to do with being strong, being yourself and through that influence others in your surroundings to hold their head up high and be proud of who they are (The Brotherhood of man).

This sounds rather simple, I know that, but in fact it is.

What are the right ingredients?

We do need some ingredients, however.

Number 1 –  love yourself.

Love yourself in spite of the things that have been planted inside of you by well-meaning others. This needs a bit of reflection, an outlook and an attitude towards life, with all the ingredients that resonate “true”  and “honest” to you.

Number 2 – Do not give away your power

Take the responsibility for your life and happiness into your own hands. Do not depend upon others to do and/or be that for you. Please do not misunderstand me here. If loving someone means, that you give away your power and the right to be, who you truly are, you may want to retrace your steps and find the moment where you gave yourself away. In the end you’ll be a truer you, than you thought you could be .. 

Number 3 – You are a rainbow

You’ll feel that your star is starting to shine brighter and brighter, turning into the brightest of rainbows .. YOU!!

With love,

Juliet Joan