What to do when you are stuck in possibilities ..

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To do or not to do

Well .. I have posted a previous post on Focussing. Not because I know all about it, but because Focussing is a helpful tool to order my ever roaming mind and also to remind myself, always, to make and/or update my “to do” list. (https://foetoejepi.blogspot.nl/2015/07/focussing.html)

Making choices

After lingering in the “afterglow” of finishing my last theory course on Spiritual Healing it is now time to look at the long-term to do list. Oh yes, there is long-term and short-term :0)

Short-term for me is part of what I like to do on a daily basis and long-term is in fact what the word says. It is about the projects I want to undertake and for me a great way to reach my goals.

It is wise to realize we cannot explore all the things we want to explore at the same time and in the course of the years there has been an accumulation of subjects that are of interest to me and need to have my attention.

The list

On the top of my list is writing and working with my creativity. Creativity comes in many different shapes and forms. It is in writing, talking, drawing, painting .. you mention it. 

Blogposts are a wonderful tool to meet that need. In the background there is the world of ideas that need a form and it is like a hunger inside of me to express all that. Drawing and painting materials are laid out and waiting but I do not think any of that will be published. The writing, though, is something different.

Blog posting

It is still not easy to write posts on a regular basis. Why keep trying? I ask myself that question all the time and the answer stays the same .. it is a challenge to reach out to you and also to show myself there is much to share, even if it is about the discipline to focus and turning every effort into a habit, a rhythm, part of daily life, experiencing that flow of words, almost uncontrolled .. the feeling of being alive and enjoying that. 

With love,

Juliet Joan