You Are Never Too Old ..

Too busy, too many things going on, but I just had to find the time to write a new blogpost. 

This is it!!

You are never too old

You are never too old ..

These are words repeated in my mind all the time.

There is always another challenge, always something to explore and you know what? I have the feeling, that I’ll go on and on until the day I die and then .. when I wake up rested, on the other side of the veil, there will be other challenges, other roads to explore and I just know, that I’ll be ready. 


The only limitation we have is our own mind, telling us .. it’s time .. it’s time. Well, I dare to ask .. time for what? It is not about a diploma or a certificate .. it is about the joy of still being able to explore and discover and having new experiences. 

Who said, that we should stop? Who said it is no good to still that hunger? 

Talking about myself here, of course, and it has been my own mind wrestling around until all of a sudden (really, just a short while ago), a very big breath .. followed by a soul feeling .. and the big decision “let it go. Just walk your walk and do your thing, because no matter what, you can only be stopped by your own ideas and thoughts”.


So .. I am ready for the next step, the next challenge .. world here I come.

With love,

Juliet Joan